Take a pause. Breathe. Invest in Yourself!

Reduced toxin exposure for the skin and our environment was at the core of our brand ethos when we began our journey in 2020 in Singapore. It continues to be the guiding force behind all decisions.

Our products are handcrafted in small batches using carefully researched natural ingredients that are results-driven to ensure only the best touches your skin. With a desire to contribute to the environment and making bath-time skincare simple and hassle-free for you, we choose to formulate products that are cruelty-free and do not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients.

With the humble bar soap as our first product, we now have over 5+ clean and sustainable bath product categories in our repertoire… and growing! Explore our range and tell us what else would you like to see.

Escential The Body Tonic is a celebration of Asian traditional well-being practices recreated for modern times. Using an approach where effective ingredients meet optimal lifestyle choices for overall wellness, we aim to create a wide range of bath products that champion pantry ingredients

Our Vision

To create a full range of bath products that help declutter and simplify skincare while catering to all your needs by 2025

Our Mission

To reduce toxin exposure for your skin and the environment with clean-sustainable bath products that champion pantry ingredients

Meet the Maker

“Hey there, I’m Shaily, the face and force behind Escential The Body Tonic. I believe that skincare is all about a simple, clean and effective regime that should work for your skin and care for our environment.

I grew up seeing my mother effortlessly concoct beauty and wellness recipes using ingredients straight from the pantry. This instilled a strong sense of belief that wholesome healthy skin can be achieved by utilizing pantry staples that are safe, sustainable and truly results driven! I am awe-struck each time I research more about nature’s bounty!

Drawing strength from her and acting on my urge to reduce toxin exposure with low-waste, environment-friendly products infused with powerful botanical extracts, I bid farewell to my fulfilling corporate career and onboarded a brand new entrepreneurial journey that not only makes skincare uncomplicated but also gives back to the planet, each day.

Our products are for the conscious consumers who not only choose what’s best for the skin and their family but also for the environment. Natural skincare needs commitment. Start early, be regular and practice self-care… is the message I want to leave you with.”


Handcrafted Products

All our products are handcrafted in small batches and packed with love to maintain freshness so your skin gets only the best

Sustainable Ingredients

Ingredients matter, period! We choose sustainable ingredients from fair-trade suppliers that are natural, results-oriented, and environmentally friendly

Say NO to Nasties

We say no to SLS, SLES, parabens, harmful chemicals, artificial color or fragrances, fillers, silicone to ensure only the best touches your skin

Cruelty-free Testing

We love our little furry friends and do not believe in animal testing. All ingredients are sourced from vendors who follow fair trade practices too